lapland snowmobile

Best Snowmobile Tricks

When many Adventurers think about wintertime, skiing and snowboarding are the first sports to come to mind. We’re so hyper-focused on the two behemoths of snow sports that

tandem base jump

The Lowest Base Jumps Of All Time

As Adventurers, we applaud the dangerous and that usually means deference to those stunts occurring at the fastest speeds and the highest heights. Seldom, if

green wingsuit

6 Best Wingsuits For All Occasions

Wingsuit pilots make defying gravity a daily occurrence, but it’s the wingsuits that make it possible. Wingsuits are sometimes called birdman suits, flying squirrel suits, or

paramotoring sport

5 Space Age Extreme Sports

There’s no arguing that surfing, skateboarding and rock climbing are pretty intense. As modern-day technology is developed, however, so are the possibilities for extreme sports to reach the next level


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